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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 25, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the man accused of abducting hannah graham made his first appearance in court. the refusal for a court appointed attorney, plus if, no efforts to bring him back to virginia. and the focus on the ebola outbreak and how to contain it. president obama will address world leaders any minute now. we have just learned u.s. attorney general eric holder plans to announce his resignation today during an event at the white house. after six years of leading the justice department. holder is the first black attorney general. holder has agreed to remain in his post until the confirmation of his successor. now, developments in the
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search for hannah graham. the uva missing student case just had a major shift. the man accused in her abduction is in police custody. police say matthew managed to make it all the way from charlottesville to galveston, texas, and that's where a judge questioned him today. news 4 live desk. >> he appeared on closed circuit television over video conferencing. he was not face-to-face with that judge. but the judge denied him bond. he's facing two charges out of texas now. being a fugitive from justice, stemming of course from the abduction charge in charlottesville. and also providing some false information to police. it was that fugitive charge which the judge denied bond for matthew. he also offered matthew a court-appointed attorney. matthew declined that as well. so it looks like the extradition process will go forward. it was that car right there that tipped police off that they had found jesse matthew yesterday in
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galveston. that car, near a tent on the beach. someone noticed this tent on the beach, started suspicious. they called police. police came to check that out. that's where they discovered matthew apparently hiding out in that tent. they say he was arrested without resistance now. police are hoping that perhaps matthew can lead them to hannah graham. there's still no sighting of the missing uva student. police officers on their way to texas so they can question matthew about what he knows about this 18-year-old girl's disappearance. also, the reward is up this morning, $100,000, for any information about the missing teen. barbara. >> as richard just mentioned, matthew was arrested after someone called police about a suspicious man who had pitched a tent on a beach in galveston. that's when he was linked to the graham abduction. charlottesville police chief tim wrongo h wongo had this to say about the
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arrest early this morning. >> we're still waiting for additional evidence from the lab that we'll helpfulopefully get week. >> the community where hannah grew up continues to pray for her safe return. hundreds showed up for a vigil last night at west potomac high school. we're bringing you up to the date developments on the case. download the nbc 4 app and when news breaks you'll the first to know with push alerts. and right now, some of you are still getting rain, but that won't last long. now, the first forecast for midday. >> the rain has really tapered off a lot after a very wet commute this morning. now, just some scattered sprinkled, a little bit of drizzle and mist now falling from our sky. most of the rain now is pulling in from northeastern maryland. that's the view now. it's gradually pulling off to
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the north. you can see, moving slowly. closer to washington right now. the storm team 4 radar higher resolution showing just a few sprinkles, these areas in green. that includes northern prince georges county into howard county and southeast washington, right along the beltway. and then south and east, west of there, toward wood bridge, alexandr , getting a few scattered sprinkles. our temperatures are hovering near 60 degrees. reagan national's in the mid-60s. also mid-60s around the bay. not going to be warming very much. a look at the forecast for the nationals doubleheader and for the big game tonight, thursday night football, at fedex field, and a warming for the weekend, that's coming up around 11:30. barbara. >> back over to richard jordan at the live desk with something else that's happening. >> good morning. any minute now, we're expecting president obama to make some comments about the largest health crisis in the world right now over at the u.n. these are some live pictures
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that secretary-general ban ki-moon but the president will be speaking shortly. he's expected to talk about efforts to mobilize a wider response to the ebola outbreak in parts of west africa, also discuss what the u.s. will be doing in that region. about 6,200 people have come -- have received the virus, have endured this virus, however, about 3,000 of them, half of that, have died from it. so a very big epidemic. we'll be monitoring that as soon as it stops, barbara. wrapping up right now is a community health fair in the district. people were able to get blood pressure screenings, dental care and hiv testing. it's not the health world that's making this push. news 4 has more on the event congressional leaders are behind. >> reporter: it's no ordinary breakfast at d.c. central union mission for gregory. >> people like me, you know, we
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can come here, get something to eat. a lot of people don't have that luxury. >> reporter: the 28-year-old is now on a mission to turn his own life around. >> i thank god led me to this place actually. >> reporter: the shelter teamed up with the congressional black caucus foundation to welcome men, women and children and a booming choir. ♪ to help those in need with the basics. >> small, medium, large -- >> reporter: kids who came got a brand-new coat. >> i like it. and it's nice. and it fits perfect. >> i'll just keep on doing what i'm doing. this right here was the greatest for me to get out and be tested. >> it's really touching people at the core, in the community, those in need. that's exactly what this morning represents. >> reporter: and it's the start in the right direction for so many. during the day, it looks like this. men, women, children.
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coming for services here at the shelter. at night, men only stay here. last night alone, 170 were here. that's a full house. and it shows the need in this community is still great. in northwest, mollet green, news 4. developing now, a new round of air strikes in syria this morning. how arab allies are trying to reassure their commitment to the u.s. plus, new numbers on virginia's senate race. we'll show you just how close of a competition we have heading into november elections. and getting support from people here in town, we'll tell you about why they came. stay w.
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new numbers in the virginia senate race show the race is tightening. a new poll says democratic senator mark warner is only ahead by nine points now. a recent poll had warner with a lead of more than 20 points. warner leads the pack, with 48% of voters leaning towards him. ed gillespie is close on his tail with 39%. according to poll, warner leads gillespie when it companies y honesty, leadership and caring.
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charges she helped kill her own mother. she's charged with conspiracy to commit mother. her mother, nancy, was found dead in her home on may 18th. she was a nurse at washington hospital center. another woman, christina brown, is also charged in this case. and today we should learn more about why police -- a police officer shot a teen back in may. the commonwealth attorney will release the findings of a virginia state police investigation on this shooting. the officer says he shot the teen after he was lunged at with a knife. police say the teen was suicidal. he was a student at loudoun valley high school in leesburg. a creepy discovery inside the naval academy. why midship machimen are being o leave behind everything and get out. and rain beginning to end. a lack at when the sun returns and a warm-up for the weekend at
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now to the global effort to take down isis overnight. air strikes left 19 militants and 5 civilians dead. the u.s.-led coalition carried out its third straight night of air attacks in the eastern part of the country. this is some new video released by the navy of those strikes. isis oil refineries were the targets of this latest round of
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assaults. the u.s. military refineries generated $2 million a day for the terrorist state. dense spite the strikes, isis is still continuing its ground assault into kurdish areas. the arab countries involved in the air strikes in syria are making efforts to reassure the u.s. of its commitment to this mission. are we hearing some of the arab countries that are participating actually talking about their participation? >> we are. with this new series of strikes, we saw something we haven't seen before. both the saudi and the united arab emirates participants were vocal about their role. the saudi press agency published photos of the fighter pilots who participateness these strikes. one of them is a prince. the son a very high-nk raing official. that's something you would never imagine doing in the united states immediately after the strikes, publishing photos. what they're trying to do is both emphasize to their own people and to the west we're
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really committed to this. this is important to us. to try to rally the people of these countries around the cause as well. >> this is something they needed the u.s. to take a list of these, right? >> it's clearly trying to send a big message to isis, to the west, hey, we're in this for the long run. >> let's talk a little bit about this breaking news we just reported. we're learning attorney general eric holder is going to announce his resignation today. is this a surprise, you think? >> there's been chatter a while. if holder was going to step down some time soon. he's been in the job for six years. he's one of the few remaining cabinet officials from the beginning of obama's first term. he's close to the president. we had been sort of expecting this -- him to probably step away some time soon. one reason for that is if the president does act quickly to name a successor, he'll have a much better chance of being able to confirm that success in the
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senate if it's before the end of this term, before there could be more republicans coming in after the midterms. >> who to you think is on the short list for the president to select for this decision? >> he's had a lot of time to look at this list. they can pull from federal judges, from attorneys, from people in other positions. so think we'll see that short list starting to emerge very quickly. >> maybe by today. >> maybe by today. >> thanks so much. one more question. virginia politics, the effort to prevent another situation like the beob mcdonald convic. the current governor is putting together a commission to look at the ethics policies. it's hard to overstate how bad this scandal was for the state of virginia. this was a job that was held by thomas jefferson. and now, you know, bob mcdonnell is facing these -- this charge and jail time.
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i think mcauliffe wants to put forward the effort. what we really need to do is clean up the state and get back to the pro business and squeaky clean image. >> we will continue to follow that story. we've got a lot to watch. >> a lot to watch. thanks so much, terry. for more from the rest of the nbc news political team, check out first read on the trial for the accused boston marathon bomber will not be coming to d.c. a judge says there's no reason to believe he can't get a fair trial in massachusetts. defense attorneys wanted the trial moved to washington, claiming an impartial jury can't be found in boston. the judge did grant a two-month delay in the trial. and it will now begin on january 12th. tsarnaev is accused of working with his brother for the bombing of the marathon. a bed bug infess station.
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more than 30 dorm rooms are being fumigated. school officials told midshipmen to leave behind their book, computers, uniforms and other personal items. students will be given a replacement clothes, replacement linens, replacement study materials. fume game is expe is expected t three weeks. this is the second time in two years the dorm is dealing with a bed bug infestation. new today, "sports illustrated" has released a new poll that says 79% of nfl fans don't like the -- let's bring this back so i can get this right. don't find the redskins name offensive. only 25% of fans who took the survey support changing the name of washington football team. more than 500 fans participated in the poll. redskins owner dan schneider has vowed to never change the name of the team. fans get ready for tonight's
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big game. we'll run down the four things to watch out for on the field. plus, what you need to know if you're headed to that game tonight. also ahead, first of its kind. why some virginia employees are celebrating the new source of coffee in their office. we'll show you that. first, here's a look ahead at what's hot on
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right now, michael brown's parents are here in d.c. demanding justice for their son. the mother of nypd choke victim eric garner is also here at the national press club in northwest. the families, along with the national urban league, are calling for legal action to be taken against the officers responsible for brown's and garner's deaths. the reference spoceiv spoke ande u.s. justice department to take over the investigations. an investigation going on into the ferguson police department's practices. last night, the department of justice held a community meeting in ferguson. some residents say they want the investigation to focus on the michael brown shooting and charges against officer darren wilson. while others say this is the first time anyone's actually listened to their concerns about their law enforcement officers. >> you don't have money. who's going to fight for a poor person? nobody. >> they see me as a threat and then they treat me as such. >> tensions between the
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community and police in ferguson, missouri, have remained high after the michael brown shooting. earlier this week, stores were vandalized and three people were arrested as they voiced their outrage towards the police department. it's 11:24. he's battled the ebola virus for weeks. now, new developments on a doctor being treated for the disease in a nebraska hospital. the big news beied right now. and what kind of weather to expect for tonight's redskins game. along with the doubleheader at nationals park. storm team for meteorologist tom kierein
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right now, we have a very cloudy day over the district. rain drops you see covering the lens, looking towards the national cathedral. those showers are now clearing out. and storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us. >> this is kind of a stubborn system. we'll have the clouds lingering. and we might get some scattered sprinkles off and on into the afternoon. grab an umbrella and keep it with you. a lot of clouds around now. it's still rather cool. storm team 4 radar showing the bulk of the rain that we had earlier this morning, that is now into northeastern maryland and heading up into new jersey
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and up toward new york city. ther have been some flight delays in philadelphia and new york earlier this morning but not locally. we didn't really get any flooding either. the rain around our region did cause some ponding of water around dawn this morning. right now, the high resolution local radar showing this little patch of green. this is some drizzle. right now, northeast and southeast washington, prince georges county. into near alexandria. farther north of there, into howard county, getting a little bit of drizzle there right now as well. elsewhere, it's just mostly cloudy and temperatures are hovering right around the 60 degree mark. the rain totals, reagan national had about .6 inch. up towards damascus, almost an inch there. hagers town had almost an inch. nearly an inch fell near front royal. further south, fredericksburg almost had a third of an inch. and north and east of there, though, many locations got an inch or two. delaware and up towards
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northeastern maryland. >> our temperatures right now are quite cool. still just near 60 degrees. prince georgia, montgomery, low to mid-60s near the bay. towards the west, a little sunshine near the mountains. petersburg, 63. shenandoah valley, 60 degrees. for the first game of the doubleheader at nats park this afternoon, the first pitch at 105, there may be a few sprinkles, but they can play through that. it will be in the mid-60s. and rather cool and by the last out, into the mid-60s. for the second time tonight, the first pitch is at 7:05. it will be in the mid-60s. cloudy, rather cool. back down to the low 60s. only a very small chance of a little drizzle into the evening hours. then the other big game going on tonight is at fedex field. the redskins take on the giants. kick off is at 8:25.
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we'll still have cloudiness around and generally no rain near there at fedex field. and there too it will be in the low to mid-60s. cloudy through the game. pretty good football weather. when you're at the game or nats park, keep the storm team 4 weather app with you. i doubt we will have any problems with that. hour by hour for the receive of the day, staying in the 60s. just a small chance of sprinkles during the afternoon. tomorrow, near 80. and then feeling like summertime for the weekend. up into the low 80s on saturday and sunday. beautiful weekend weather for outdoor activities. it's going to be stay mild into the first part of next week. next week too. first chance of rain after today is next tuesday, with highs near 80. that's the way it looks. >> today, the redskins take on the giants at fedex field. metro will stay open an hour later to help you get home after the game. the last silver train departs at
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12:11. the last blue line train leaves at 12:24. for morgan boulevard, the last at 12:14 and the last blue line train at 12:32. you'll also be able to make transfers to other like lines certain stations. the redskins are trying to bounce bk from a tough loss. there are plenty of questis heading into tonight's game. let's hear from carol maloney now. she tells us what to watch out for. >> good mornin it is four things time. four things you need to know. number one. kirk cousins. is this his first short week as a starter? yes, it is. a big preparation guy. how will only three days of press time impact his performance? everyone excited to see if he is up to the challenge. number two, also a short week for head coach jay gruden. and it couldn't come at a worse
11:32 am
time with 17 players on the injury report. number three, one of those backups being thrust into the spotlight. brie shad brieland. he will start in the place of deangelo hall. is she ready to cover the likes of victor cruz? coaches say they have a lot of confidence in him. finally, special teams or what is currently known as the not so special teams. it's this unit that has been called the game changer and not in a good way. there are a number of questions to be answered tonight. our sports team has it covered. hope to see you then. >> a morning cup of joe will wake you up but a coffee keg is giving workers a big jolt. it's the first keg of its kind. why some think this is the best thing to hit the office. it isn't the kind of thing the boss would typically okay.
11:33 am
a keg in the office. unless of course it's filled with coffee. >> have you had a chance to try the coffee out of the keg yet? >> i tilt the cup and try to get a perfect pour and then i realize, it's coffee. >> more than 15 gallons of java. in a keg, complete with a tap. it's served cold in shots. >> we can fit three kegs in the keg rater. >> that's a jolt too. it's a strong cup of coffee. to the point where you can have that energy you need. >> disruption corporation is the first to put one in the office. disruption invests in hot high tech companies. nothing like a jolt of joe to keep the creative juices flowing. >> it definitely gives us a good jolt. we are staying late. >> the local coffee roaster has been tasked with keeping the
11:34 am
barrel full all day so workers can go on quite the caffeine bender. it is also about productivity. instead of running down the street for coffee, workers just walk across the room. people who work in tech companies work long hours. late into the night, really early. anything that can improve their productivity is something that's good for them and that's good for us. >> so will the keg o coffee increase productivity? will it give rise to a different kind of keg stand? stay tuned. they just installed it yesterday. in crystal city, megan mcgrath, news 4. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. iraq's prime minister says he has received information of a terror plot on u.s. subways. and on subways in paris. this was just announced moments ago. the prime minister, when asked if the threat was imminent, he
11:35 am
said yes. he also said the u.s. is aware of this terror plot. he is saying this is the work of foreign fighters training with the islamic state. he was asked if the plot could be thwarted. at the type, ime, he said no. iraq's prime minister saying he has uncovered information pointing to a terror plot against u.s. subways as well as subways in paris. they're saying pardon this mess. we'll explain what's behind the recent construction inside reagan and dulles airports. and it can be a tough decision for parents. what kind of car seat to get for your child. now, the new one stop shop to make the process easier. this week, we're learning some of the secrets of living healthy. before we go to break, here's a suggestion for keeping your digestive tract clean. >> you want to eat fiber rich
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foo foods. fruits and vegetables, whole grain and nuts. >> more fiber than fruit? >> fruit contains fiber. that's one type of fiber. so it's fruit and grains and vegetables, al
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if you're catching a flight any time soon, you'll notice
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some construction at our airports. that's because more than 20 new stores and s and eateries are . the first wave of stores are open right now and phase two is already under way. el sen throw df is one of the restaurants coming to reagan national in 2015. dulles is getting new options like bracket room spores bar and american tap room. they will add more atms and charging stations. despite all the construction, officials say it won't keep you from getting to your gate on time. the national highway administration is helping you keep your kids safe while you're on the road. they're launching the car seat finders tool. it helps you find the right car or booster seat for your child based on their age and size. you can log on to safer all you have to do is plug in your child's birth date, height and weight. a warning from a popular sandwich shop. the customers at risk from a
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data breach at jimmy john's, plus the offer if your credit card has been compromised. apple instructions if you lost service on your phone when you downloaded the new operating system downgrade. and news for your health today, we're getting holistic health secrets. here's the suggest for helping you keep your life in balance. > >> i tell people to learn how to breathe correctly. the simplest answer is deep slow quiet regular breathing. there's a specific 478 breathing technique. you can find this on my website and all my books. you breathe into your nose quietly for a count of 4. quietly for a count of 4. a count of 7.
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quiein fairfax countyf 4. a count owe had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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i'm richard jordan back at the live desk with more breaking news. we learned one of the americans infected with ebola will be released from the hospital today. that is him on the right sitting next to one of his doctors at nebraska medical center where he has been receiving treatment. his wife there with him as well. he received a round of applause when he announced he will be leaving today. he's been in isolation for most of his time, receiving treatment. since he arrived from liberia back on september 5th, he was an aid worker there, one of three americans that have now been successfully treated for ebola. he will be released from the
11:44 am
hospital. he did sayne in his comments he hoping there can be more resources, that the world can come together and send more resources to west africa. jimmy john's has become the latest victim of a data breach. it says its cash register systems at 216 locations have been compromised. the restaurant has more than 25 locations in the d.c. area alone. but did not say if any of these were directly impacted by this breach. jimmy john's says credit card customers in stores are affected, not online orders. ng if you think you're aedit victim of the br supposed to fix issues with the first version of ios-8, but it caused a lot of issues. some say they lost cell service completely. right now, apple is telling
11:45 am
people to reinstall the first ios-8 from the itunes store. the company has directions to do that on its support page. one community in northern virginia has a lot to offer you and your family. consider a weekend trip to the dell ray section of alexandria. it's just off route 1 and north of old town. we're highlights dell ray in this edition of weekend scene. good to see you. dell ray is not that far from where we are, but a lot of people don't know it's there. can you tell us where to find it. >> it's on route 1, between sort of old town and arlington. it's a really great little neighborhood because it's so small and so community oriented. it's a very artistic community. the big strip where you want to go if you're visiting is mount vernon avenue. including an event next weekend called arts on the avenue. it will be a great time to visit. >> let's talk about some of the other fun things you can find. you tell us there's a store with an amazing vintage collection of
11:46 am
clothing. what's that? >> what's really interesting is this costume shop provides the costumes for shows like board walk empire and to major retailers. because they have so much historical clothing. if you're looking for a halloween costume. >> it time for that. tell us about the restaurant called cheek took. >> it's both a market and a little cafe. actually, dell ray is a great place to pick up a lot of goods like cheeses. there's a meat place called lets meet on the avenue. these are such adorable little shops. it's a great place to pick up dinner. >> you say there's a great family owned restaurant called fireflies. there was some notable guests there recently. who was that? >> it was actually president obama and the obama family. they've actually been, several times. one of the places they went is
11:47 am
fireflies because the owner asked president obama to come and try his burger. and of course the president showed up. he's actually been to a few places in dell ray, including dell ray pizzeripizzeria. >> there's a big festival coming up. >> it's going to be october 4th. that's next saturday. it's called arts on the avenue. that's a great time to visit. it's going to be up and down mount vernon avenue. >> it's arts and crafts? >> a lot of artisans out selling things. it will be a great way to kick off the fall. for more from lavonia and "the washington post," you can check out our weekend scene. you can go to washington for the going out guide. our wednesday's child this week is a wonderful young man hoping to be adopted soon. bee living in a group home where he hasn't had the chance to raise his own cat or dog but
11:48 am
he'd love to have one or even he'd like to have a bigger pet. meet james. there it is. lift me up. excited? >> yeah. >> i'm excited too. hi, georgia. georgia, program director at the lift me up therapeutic horseback riding center in falls church, welcomed james, who happens to love horses. >> we have 11 horses here that are part of our program. this is our volunteer. >> nice to meet you. >> this is niles. >> niles! hi. >> the first horse james saw was niles. it was love at first site. >> would you like to brush niles? >> yeah. >> all right. how about if we get you a helmet and some brushes so you can go in there and work with him. >> james has been in foster care since he was 3. he's 14. >> james enjoyed grooming niles. and georgia explained it's a way to make friends with the horse. >> it's a way of making friends with niles. >> james said this looks like a
11:49 am
great home for horses. >> the horses can get some freedom and they're not locked up all day. >> that's important, isn't it? >> yes. they need their exercise. >> he says he loves the outdoors himself and actually enjoys playing just about every sport. >> soccer, basketball, hockey. >> well, you got -- >> biking, hiking. >> those who know james say he needs a family to help him to realize his potential and to be motivated to succeed in all that he does. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> he was certainly motivated to learn how to ride niles. >> how does it feel? >> it feels great. >> james wants the love of a permanent family. >> it takes a forever family. not just a staff of people who are paid to care for him. >> she says james needs a home. he says he hopes that home has pets. >> i think i'll take niles as my own pet if i could. >> james says if not niles, a cat or a dog will do. >> are you ready? >> and if you have room in your
11:50 am
home, in your heart, for james, maybe niles, too. or another child who's waiting, call our special adoption hot line. the number's 1-88-to-adopt me. the government is considering a controversial technique that will impact hollywood. the decision today that will change the way you see movies at the box office. plus, looking ahead to your weather. once all the rain moves out. first, in the news for your health, we're working for you before we go to break. here's more holistic health secrets from dr. andrew. he why he doesn't recommend sugar substitutes. >> i think they fool the brain into thinking sweet calories are coming and they don't and this sets up problems with cravings. i think you're better off eating moderate quantities of real sweeteners. my personal preference is maple syrup which has the lowest content of fructose. but table sugar is fine
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today, the faa is expected to say whether film and tv companies can use drones during movie shoots. seven companies have asked the agency for permission. they will be some of the first permits for commercial drone flights in the u.s. the faa is expected to include strict limitations if the flights are approved. some production companies have
11:54 am
used drones overseas to capture scenes for their films. nbc's family drama "parenthood" returns tonight for the show's final season. now, a preview of what will be the season long good-bye for the braverman family. >> well, i guess you're too busy to come with me on a surprise trip to vegas. >> reporter: the real farewell to "parenthood" may be months away. >> are you serious? >> reporter: but the cast is already dreading it. >> can't imagine what it's going to be like, honestly. definitely hard to say good bye. >> it's been the best experience of my career really. >> reporter: yet more ups and downs await the family over the series final 13 episodes. adam and christina's special charter scho is days away from opening but their autistic son max is not on board. >> we're trying to convince him this is going to be a safe haven
11:55 am
and a place that he'll want to stay and grow with the other kids. >> reporter: the fractured marriage of joe and julia is still very broken. >> the light at the end of the tunnel that we saw in the finale of season 5 has not been reached. >> reporter: but the bonds do grow stronger between sarah and hank. >> you have a nice girlfriend. >> reporter: likewise, the bonds that have grown between cast and crew over six sentence will make that good-bye tough. >> i'm going to be devastated, crying. >> i can't even imagine a life without this show. >> reporter: it will also be an adjustment for the show's fans. >> we really want to make sure that at the end of it, they really feel like this was a fantastic ride. >> reporter: that ride's homestretch starts tonight. >> you can catch the season premiere tonight at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. that's followed by news 4 at 11:00. we're waiting to learn when this man will be extradited back
11:56 am
to virginia. matthew made his first court appearance in a galveston courtroom this morning. investigators hope he can lead them to where hannah is. the uva sophomore has been missing for nearly two weeks. while speaking to the united nations, president obama called ebola a public health emergency. he says there must be a strong and coordinated international response. the president al said ebola is a global issue that the u.s. is leading the fight against. it's time to have a final check on our forecast for this, when, thursday. this week is really moving al g along. it's still raining a little bit right in the metro area. we still have a little bit of drizzle. you can see it there on the lens of our city camera. you could make out the wash monument there. storm team 4 radar is showing still some lingering showers in northeastern maryland and into northeastern pennsylvania. some of the heavy rain we had earlier this morning have now
11:57 am
pulled up into eastern pennsylvania, new jersey, new york city. and south and west of there, right in the metro area, those little areas in green, those are some sprinkles. a little bit of drizzle now falling in southern montgomery county. as well as right in washington, northeast, southeast washington getting some of that drizzle. so is alexandria, arlington and southern prince georges county. a few of these scattered sprinkles around. grab an umbrella, even though it may be dry where you are now, you may encounter a few sprinkles over the next couple of hours. temperatures approaching noon time are still rather cool just in the low to mid-60s. reagan national is at 66. in the upper 50s, shenandoah valley, into the mountains. a view of the capital. later today, as we hit the upper 60s by midafternoon, we'll have a possibility of a few scattered sprinkles all the way into late afternoon. otherwise, most of the day should be dry during the latter part of the afternoon. for the games this afternoon and
11:58 am
the big game tonight at fedex field. tomorrow, friday, saturday, sunday, touch of summer in the air. highs around 80. beautiful weather continues on monday. maybe some more rain on tuesday. have a good afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> all right, tom, thank you. that's news 4 midday. we thank you for being with us. and invite you to tune in for more news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. we'll be right back tomorrow morning with news 4. we'll see u
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> kate: [sighs] >> sami: hey... kate. wow. don't you look nice? what, have you been working out? >> kate: what do you want? >> sami: nothing. i just thought we could, you know, talk. >> kate: about what? >> sami: ej. >> kate: you know, i think we really have exhausted that subject... unless, of course, you came to your senses and kicked him out. oh, my god. you invited that bastard into your bed, didn't you? >> abigail: hi, mom. it's me. i-i just wanted to call you because i don't think i thanked you enough for making your chicken. it's gonna be great. i know you've been really busy, and i appreciate it.


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